A point of view...

Surfing through www.effiephotocollection.com one can clearly see the reasons why Greece was loved so much. The picturesqueness, the unique ight, the simple lines, the noise of a fishing boat, the Greek meze at Vassilis, the rustling of the air in the mountain that brought the thyme aroma closer, the cloudy skies and the incense of Good Friday, the flying of the gull that meant summer, the mid day breeze together with the northwest wind (maistros), this simplicity and the spontaneous warmth of the people, the churches and the chapels “And the Virgin Mary rejoices, the Virgin Mary smiles. The Sea as it flows, how deep it looks like Her! "

These characteristics of Greece were captured over 30 years with the lens of the amateur photographer, at the same time with the sensitivity of a person very rich in feelings, of which there was always an excess to share spontaneously and generously. This was Effie Canellopoulos, always silent and discreet, like every special personality whose passing left an indelible mark. My sister and I are deeply grateful to her for the wealth she passed down to us.