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".... There, elsewhere, everywhere, I think I have experienced all of Greece and I hold her deeply within me...The moments when the pine tree is illuminated by the last sunrays and gilds on the blue seas. ..."

Many years ago, which despite being carried away in time, while I think that none of their shine is lost, I want with some feeling of nostalgia to walk again in the Greece I lived in...

Effie Canellopoulou

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Our mother's dream

With a 30-year delay, my sister Katie and I are fulfilling our Mother's dream of publishing an online album that captures her work as an amateur photographer from 1965 to 1995.


Nicolas Canellopoulos

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Special Collection

The category "Special Collection" includes photos that the photographer considered special. Not necessarily with strict photographic criteria, but possibly based on her memories, experiences, or the symbolism they contained for her.
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12 favorite photos from the photography collection of Effie Canellopoulou.

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