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Evangelistria in Mystras

Time Period: 1965 - 1970

The Holy Monastery of Evangelistria is located in Mesochora, on the cobbled path that leads from the Diocese to Vrontochi. It was founded between the years 1390-1410 in a two-column cruciform style, of smaller dimensions than the other temples of the same type of Mystras.

The church interior is decorated with frescoes, the art of which dates back to the early 15th century, parts of which only, have been preserved to this day .

Photo 1970

The photographs are offered in limited editions, printed on premium quality Hahnenmuhle Photo Luster photo paper, 260 gsm, at high resolution.

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  • Wooden Frame

  • Plexiglas Sandwich Frame

  • Plexiglas Box Frame

"...My photography was always simple, relying mostly on my instinct, believing that this way everything would be more natural, more genuine, more real...."

Our mother's dream

With a 30-year delay, my sister Katie and I are fulfilling our Mother's dream of publishing an online album that captures her work as an amateur photographer from 1965 to 1995.


Nicolas Canellopoulos

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