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The Metropolis of Mystras

Time Period: 1965 - 1970

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  • Saint Demetrius (Metropolis). Has beautiful sculptures on the iconostasis and frescoes. In its courtyard is the Metropolitan Palace, where today is housed the Museum of Mystras.
  • It is the oldest surviving monument in the city.
  • The photographs are offered in limited editions, printed on premium quality Hahnenmuhle Photo Luster photo paper, 260 gsm, at high resolution.

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    • Wooden Frame

    • Plexiglas Sandwich Frame

    • Plexiglas Box Frame

    • Wooden Frame

    • Plexiglas Sandwich Frame

    • Plexiglas Box Frame

    "...My photography was always simple, relying mostly on my instinct, believing that this way everything would be more natural, more genuine, more real...."

    Our mother's dream

    With a 30-year delay, my sister Katie and I are fulfilling our Mother's dream of publishing an online album that captures her work as an amateur photographer from 1965 to 1995.


    Nicolas Canellopoulos

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